Prepare your Home for Summer Savings

Use these tips to help stay cool in the summer, while avoiding an increase in your electric bill.

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As well as getting really cold in the winter, Minnesota gets very warm in the summer. And it is forecasted that our summers will get even warmer, with more extremely hot days. Take action to help keep your home cool and reduce impact on your electric bill. 

Instant impact

  • Pull your shades: It is important to reduce the impact of solar heat as much as possible. Simply keeping the sun and heat out helps reduce the temperature in your home.

  • Use fans first and strategically: Fans are amazing way to reduce energy use and keep you cool in the summer. Being in front of a fan can help cool you down 2 to 4 degrees. By using fans in conjunction with AC, you can make your home significantly more comfortable than with one alone. You can also use fans to let the cool night air in through the window.

  • Turn off tech: Many tech items can produce a lot of heat. Take a minute to feel devices in your home to make sure there isn’t anything making the space hotter than it needs to be, such as video game consoles or computers. This also includes any unnecessary lights.

  • Properly install your AC window unit: Reduce the gaps between the AC unit and the window frame by using rope caulk.  

  • AC control through utility: If you have central air, your utility may have a program that can reduce your electric bill when you allow the utility to cycle your AC unit on and off during peak electric use. You could save as much as 15 percent off your electric bills in the summer, with little impact on your home’s comfort!

  • ‚ÄčTurn off your gas fireplace pilot light: Follow the instructions located behind the grate below your fireplace to turn off your pilot light in the spring and back on in the fall. This will get rid of a heat gain and save energy!

Plan for impact

  • Insulate and air seal: Insulating your attic and walls is one of the most important actions a Minnesota homeowner can take to make their home comfortable and keep costs low. Insulation can keep the heat out in the summer and in during the winter.

  • Plant a tree: Having your home shaded by a tree is a great way to reduce your need for AC and keep your home cool.


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