Afford Energy Upgrades with CEE Lending

Significantly improving your home’s energy efficiency often requires financial investment. CEE can help make those improvements a reality with our statewide financing.

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We understand that many families need additional resources to tackle energy projects like insulation, a new heating system or solar. That is why CEE started its lending services, which offers specialty loans and competitive interest rates for both energy efficiency upgrades and basic home improvement projects. 

For nearly 35 years our lending staff have worked with thousands of homeowners and landlords across Minnesota to help fulfil CEE’s mission to strengthen communities through energy conservation.  

To see what programs are available to you:

1. Go to

2. Browse the programs listed or click on the yellow “Find Financing” button in the upper right hand corner to find loans specific to your property type and location. We partner with many cities and neighborhoods throughout Minnesota, so you may have special programs depending on where you live.

3. If you are ready, use our online application to apply. After that, our professional and friendly staff will reach out and walk you through your lending options.

Residential loan programs

Many of CEE’s lending options are based on the city or county you live in. However, we have the following statewide options as well:

  • The Home Improvement Loan Program offers financing for homeowners in Minnesota who need funding for interior or exterior home improvements.

  • The Home Energy Loan Program offers financing to remove cost barriers to upgrades that prevent energy waste and support efficiency. This program is the result of a partnership with the Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources, and Minnesota Housing Finance Agency.

  • The Unsecured Loan Program is intended to help preserve existing housing in Minnesota by providing access to funding.

  • CEE’s Solar Financing Program helps Minnesota homeowners “go solar” and make their home more energy efficient while cutting electricity use and environmental impact.

Remember to take advantage of utility rebates to get a faster return on investments made in home improvements.

If you are unsure of what improvement projects will help you reach your energy goals, consider scheduling a home energy audit through your utility provider.

Before taking out a loan, consult these income eligible programs to see if you are eligible for help lowering your monthly energy bills or paying for large energy efficiency projects